Maintenance Services FAQ
What is Axiom Maintenance Services?
AMS is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) focused on data center, storage, and network hardware support available through channel partners and resellers.
What is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)?
Third-party maintenance is multi-platform maintenance support offered independent of the OEM.
What do EOL and EOSL stand for?
They stand for End-of-Life and End-of-Support-Life.
What are the main advantages of using OEM alternative maintenance like AMS?
The main advantages of using a third-party or OEM alternative support solution:

• IT cost control. IT professionals are seeking low-cost alternatives to expensive OEM contracts and pricing.
• AMS provides warranty and maintenance services where OEMs no longer offer or provide support.
• AMS provides support across multiple OEM brands and platforms.
Why is there so much interest in Third-Party Maintenance contracts?
The popularity of TPMs over OEM maintenance services is due to three main reasons or benefits.

1. Cost Savings with Axiom Maintenance Services – OEM service warranties are cost prohibitive and increase significantly after the 2nd or 3rd year the hardware was deployed.
2. AMS Flexibility - OEM warranty solutions provide predetermined service levels with very inflexible service levels vs AMS offering customized service levels.
3. Multiple vendor support from one supplier – Consolidates service contracts and administration.
What is the geographic coverage supported by AMS?
Currently AMS covers Canada and the U.S.
What information is needed to get a maintenance quote from Axiom?
All information needed is provided on the Maintenance Request Form.

These are the minimum requirements needed for a sales quote.

1. Reseller Name & Contact Information
2. End user Name and On-site Contact Information
3. Vendor/OEM
4. OEM Part Number
5. System Location – City & State/Province
6. Principle Period of Maintenance (SLA) - Example: 24x7x4
7. Product Quantity
8. Term Length (Start/End Dates)
What is the typical turnaround on maintenance quotes?
Once all the information has been received and approved, AMS will return all quotes within 48 hours.
What is an SLA?
SLA stands for Service Level Agreement.
What are the most common service levels?
The most common are 24x7x4 or 5x8xNBD. AMS service levels can and are typically customized for each request.

They are stated in:

• Hours per day.
• Days per week.
• Contracted response time in hours.
     • For example, 24 Hours a day / 7 Days a week / Response Time in 4 hours.

What does Axiom Maintenance Services cover?
To ensure all SLA's are met, AMS supplies all:

• Support management
• Technical support
• Planning
• Logistics
• Programming
• Engagement administration
• Labor
What happens after I place an AMS order?
A Welcome Packet will be sent to you electronically with information regarding your service contract along with contract information for support services.
How do I place a service request?
After logging into the AMS portal, a ticket can be opened in one of two ways:

1. Select your asset and "Request Support" (far right button). Please give as much information as possible and the tech will contact you via email within 30 minutes.
2. Select your asset and use the appropriate 800# to contact our 24x7 AMS Response Center. Please have your company name and serial#
Where is the replacement hardware stored?
We have FSL's (forward stocking locations) located near all major airports to ensure SLA's are met.
What is the policy to add/drop a product on an AMS contract?
AMS requires all change requests in writing NO later than 30-days after the start of the maintenance service contract.
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